Překlady do AJ

Vlakem na kole

Rail travel with your bicycle can be either a breeze or a pain in the neck, depending upon the sort of wagons that make up your train.

Your Bicycle as Checked Luggage

Turecké dýmky a videňské intriky

When the Continental Blockade collapsed, English goods flooded the European market and company profits fell. Rösler supplemented his product line by assembling pipes for tobacco smoking.

Nože na severu

The poor soil around Mikulášovice did not yield so easy a living as the fertile land of the Bohemian interior and what produce the rocky fields did bear hardly covered the needs of the families toiling there.


Blind alleys were generally the domain of obstinate inventors who built their own workshops but never quite succeeded in finding a market for their (often expensive) products.


Děčín is a place of encounters. It straddles the confluence of Bohemia’s greatest river, the Elbe, with the waters of the Ploučnice and Jílové.

Černá díra evropské cyklistiky

Riding in Prague is an unending battle full of compromise, stress and, for some, adrenaline. The city has a completely different feel from Amsterdam or Dresden.